Why Use An Alternative To Galvanizing?

Why Use An Alternative To Galvanizing

10647087_748668678521841_2946047889085152421_nGalvanization is a commonly used industrial metal finishing process in which steel is dipped into a vat of molten zinc in order to form a tightly bonded alloy coating. Galvanizing provides excellent protection against the harmful effects of corrosion and abrasion, which can prolong the life of the galvanized material, however excessive bending or stressing of the coated material may cause the galvanized coating to fail and flake off.

For many years galvanization process has offered an effective, long-lasting surface protection but if you are like most of today’s Architects, Spec Writers, Contractors and expect a safer alternative at a 60% cost savings then our process is for you.

POWDERgroup has a developed a Unique Process that can be a more suitable alternative to galvanizing for a number of important reasons.

Your Aesthetic Advantage….. our Unique Process

Powder coating can provide surface protection comparable to that of galvanizing with the added advantage of being more pleasing to the eye. This is a key benefit when the aesthetic appeal of the finished product is essential for marketing, branding or other purposes. The POWDERgroup Process provides the customer the flexibility to choose a finish color from our hundreds of standard choices or create a custom to match a Ben Moore, Sherwin Williams, PMS, RAL, Architectural and many have the capability to be finished in a wide variety of glosses.

Your Environmental Advantage….. our Unique Process

For the ever-growing number of companies committed to “going green,” powder coating is a more acceptable environmental alternative to hot-dip galvanizing. The heavy zinc usage that galvanizing requires can be toxic and may lead to health issues in areas surrounding the production facility due to zinc contamination in the drinking water as well as workman who handle the product on a regular basis without the proper safety equipment or respirators.

On the other hand, the POWDERgroup unique process emits zero chemical solvents and contains no heavy metals. Powder coating overspray can be recycled, which eliminates waste. There is no waste water that must be discharged into a public sewer or ground water supply. In general, no hazardous waste or harmful bi-product is created by the use or process of the powder coating finish.

Your Performance Advantage….. our Unique Process

Only POWDERgroup employees a unique process with the capability to powder coat surfaces that have previously undergone a galvanizing process. ThePOWDERgroup process over galvanizing can extend the durability of the galvanized surface, add the color you’re looking for and further prevent the failure of the galvanized surface.

Many others have tried with wet application paints and failed while the POWDERgroup Unique Process has proven successful time and again.

“DO NOT Risk your project or reputation on products or processes that may look great for a short time when long product life is required.”

When Failure is not an option choose the POWDERgroup Unique Process.

POWDERgroup stands behind its processes and offers finish coatings with 25 year warranties.